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Thank you girls!


Thank you very much to Isobel, Thea, Lucy and Jennifer. They held a cake sale with cakes they baked themselves and raised €30 for Dogs Aid. Every single cent is appreciated :)


Breed Terrier

Age Unsure HUGHIE

Sex Male

Size Small

Hughie is a typical terrier – full of energy and nosing into everyone’s business. It doesn’t seem like he’s had much basic training done so will benefit from that. He likes to be in the middle of whatever you’re doing so if you include him you’ll have a loyal friend for life

Sam labrador

Breed Labrador

Sex Male

Size Large

Sam is a boy who has had a hard start in life. At the moment he is more comfortable with ladies than gents but gentle handling and love will help him through all his confidence issues.


Breed Terrier

Age 9 years old

Sex Male

Size Small

Speedy is a very lovable boy who wants to be in the middle of everything you’re doing. He is very well socialised and mingles very well with everyone. Speedy still has plenty of energy and certainly doesn’t act 9 years old :)


Breed Cavalier king charles spaniel

Age 10

Sex Male

Size Medium

Ozzie is in his golden years and deserves a cosy bed in a forever home. He is a sweet boy who doesn’t look for much out of life and it would be great to see him in a retirement home



Breed Tall terrier

Age 1 year old

Sex Female

Size Small

Missy is a very affectionate dog who loves people. She is used to having a lot of company so would suit someone who is at home or works from home.