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Charlotte3 Charlotte2

Breed Saluki hound x

Age 2 years old

Sex Female

Size Large

Charlotte doesn’t look for much out of life – a comfy bed,  a warm fire and plenty of love. Sighthounds are very easy to have as pets and reward you with buckets of love


Breed Terrier x

Age 2 years old

Sex Male

Size medium

Jackson is an unusually coloured terrier, we’re not sure exactly what kind of terrier mix he is! He’s loving boy who will make a great companion and can be opinionated as is typical of terriers! He would benefit from someone who understands that some terriers take a mile if you offer them an inch, all while wanting to snuggle with you!


Breed Staffie x

Age 1 year old

Sex Male

Size Large

Curtis was unfortunate enough to have 1 leg amputated from a car accident but it doesn’t stop him enjoying every walk and being loving with people. He is a big boy so would be suitable as a single dog or with an equally big female that he won’t squash when he plays :)



Breed Lurcher

Age 3 months old

Sex Male

Size Will be a tall dog when fully grown

Petey is a typical puppy – wants to know what you’re up to and be a part of it. Petey will need all his basic obedience training.


Breed Collie x lab

Age 6 years old

Sex Male

Size Large

Diesel is a big lovable softie. He’s a very playful dog who would love a second chance at a forever home. Diesel is a big boy so would benefit from some basic obedience lessons


Charlie is about 13 years old and was moved into the Forever Dogs section due to his age. Having said that his age doesn’t stop Charlie putting the younger dogs in their place or having a good snore in his favourite bed!


Becca1 Becca3

Breed Tall JRT

Age 10 months old

Sex Female

Size Small to medium

Becca is a fun-loving live wire. She’s always up for a game and would love a home where she can get the activity she needs.


Bonnie was surrendered at the age of 16 and due to her age we decided to make her a forever dog. She’s a very quiet girl who has just settled into sanctuary life like she was always here.