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Stanley’s owners tell us that when he left Dogs Aid first he was very nervous and shaking in the car. When he got to his new house he was still a bit scared but when he saw the back garden he had to play in and all his new toys he soon settled in. His first night was a bit strange for him and he cried a bit but his new owners settled him in and he hasn’t cried since. He goes for a walk during the day and another walk or run in the evenings, and he loves going swimming and playing in the mud. All his neighbours love him and the kids play with him on the green. He has put on weight and his coat is lovely and shiny.

st01 st03

New photos of Stanley and his new mate Casey, also a rescue dog

stanl1 stanl3 stanl4



“My family adopted Rupert over 2 years ago and I thought you would like to know how he is. He is a very happy little dog. He also helped me get rid of my fear of dogs and he is very happy in his home. He also helped my brothers with their fear of dogs. He chases birds in our garden and plays football with my brothers and he is very good. He loves getting sprayed with the hose and every time he is wet he rolls on the grass until he is dry. So I just wanted to tell you how he is. Thank you for Rupert, he is very special.”

   — Megan Bailey (age 8)

Rubert40 Rubert44 Rubert53

Biscuit (Bisse)


“Biscuit was found around christmas 2005, skinny and covered with mange. After spending time in Dogs Aid he flew to Sweden. Ther first family he arrived at had another dog, cats, rats, guinea pigs and a rabbit. Biscuit did not get along at all with the cats and scared the rabbit to death. Therefore he could no longer stay with that family. That is how he ended up with another family. They have another dog, Carrie who had also been adopted from Ireland. He was only meant to stay a short while but Eike and Roger decided to keep him. Biscuit gets on well with Carrie ad the have lots of fun together. Roger is home all day with the dogs and takes them for walks but most of the time they prefer to sleep in the bed or on the sofa. He got lots of good food and has gained weight and his coat is reallly shiny and soft. He has been taken to dog obedience classes and is doing well.”

— Eike and Roger

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“I want to thank you for letting my daughter Erika and her boyfriend Patrik adopt Lenny. It is fantastic dog in all ways and they love him so much. They come and visit me several times a week so we can take a walk together with all the dogs in the wood. I have two lurchers and two small terriers and also a 10 month old lurcher as a foster dog. Lenny adores my lurcher bitch Tilly (from Drogheda) but of course they all play together and have so much fun.”

— Wiviann



“Merry Christmas to all of you at Dogs Aid!

I’m surprised at how well behaved Oisin is! He’s like an old gentleman and he’s a quick learner! Who taught him his good manners!?! At this moment I’m visiting my mother and we took some pictures of him meeting all the dogs here. It was no problem and he acted just like my cairn (if you dont listen, taste this!!) but he was more playful with the younger ones and they got along well.”

— Linda

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“I got Missy from you 4 years ago this January. She was the smallest of her litter and from the minute I seen her I loved her. She is very playful and is really big part of our family. She is a little Diva at times too!!


She loves to be rubbed and to play with her many toys. She owns her own car-bed and even has a Man Utd Jersey for when her team is playing.


Although dogs hate Halloween Missy joins in the festivities and last year dressed up as a clown. Missy is more like a child in our house, and its all thanks to you and the work you guys do that we have her. Since I got Missy two of my sisters have adopted dogs from you, needless to say their dogs are as happy as Missy.”


— Kelly Williams


SleepyBaby DoingMyAbcS Missy



“Winnie flew to Sweden with us on 25th August 2003.

I first saw Winnie on the Dogs Aid website and after making enquiries about her, I was told that Winnie had been at the sanctuary for quite a long time. I was absolutely delighted when Maggie and the girls agreed to let us adopt Winnie.

We decided to fly to Dublin and spend time getting to know Winnie, before taking her to her new home in Sweden. We spend a week in Dublin and had Winnie to stay with us for most of that time, we had a lovely time getting to know her and knew then that Winnie would fit into our family very well. We already have two whippets, David and Annbert.

Everything is working so smoothly and it is wonderful to see how Winnie shows more and more of her personality. She is quite silly at times and I expect her to be full of mischief and quite industrious when she has settled. She is so very civilized; it is hard to imagine she has had such a different like before we got her. She sleeps in the bed with the rest of us, she is clean, she can be left without any problems and she is generally very well behaved. She loves the water and throws herself in it whenever she gets the chance. She is not swimming but she goes in upto her neck and even puts herwhole head under the water trying to sniff things at the bottom.

I wish you could see how she is developing, it is so rewarding and she is such a wonderful girl. She really makes us very happy.”

—  Eva Hedstrom Hans Pettersson




“Just wanted to let you know how Kim has come along since we got her. Firstly, she has put on lots of weight and filled out nicely. She has stopped spinning all the time, although there are still a few things that set her off such as the Hoover, but she stops when asked to.

Her favourite thing to do in the whole world is to swim down at the beach… she gets so excited and loves to jump about in the water, this has helped her coat come along and she really does look a different dog.

Best of all is the fact that she is not as anxious as she was before and to see her look happy and wag her tail is just great. After a good long walk on the beach she just collapses in the telly room and goes to sleep, this took months to happen as she was too anxious to sleep before and moved at every little noise.

She is also very selfish and teases anyone that dare go near her toys in the back garden. Her two footballs and a squeaky bone are just for her to play with and while she will tease us with them (bang them against your leg, or drop them in front of you), we can only touch if it’s for tug-of-war.

For the few months we have had her, I have never seen a dog so accident prone. FIrstly she swallowed a small stick which stuck in her throat and she was rushed to the vet but luckily it came out in the waiting room with no harm done. Then she got a bee sting on her head and she had an allergic reaction to, again off to the vet and we had to rub cream into where she was stuck for about two weeks. Next she was unfortunate enough to get some kind of infection which had her poorly for a few days but a few injections later and she was happier than ever.

Kim really is a different dog now. She has a bit of a following now on the beach as some other dog owners were curious at the start as to why she was so skinny and kept spining. Everyone is so happy she has turned out so well. She also has one or two friends, especially on black collie she loves to chase (but has never caught!)”

— Michael Lynch