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Scout comes to work with me everyday and loves to help out by chewing my trowel and holds it nicely between his paws. He is the happiest most pleasant, fun puppy we have ever known. He just loves life and it’s so wonderful to have a dog who loves everything and everyone. If another dog refuses to play, the look on his face is fantastic, as if to say ‘How could you possibly not want to play with me, playing is my life’

We are working on the desire to chase all living things that move.

We are working on the desire to chew all things that stay still long enough to be chewed.

We are working on basic commands, but he loves food and toys and will work for both. He will be a fantastic at agility/obedience dog and WE LOVE HIM.

Thank you Maggie for finding us our dream puppy.

Sue McCabe




“I adopted Suzy from Dogs Aid over 3 years ago and she is the best dog in the world. She is so sociable and just loves our other dogs. She has just completed an Intermediate Obedience course and is such a bright clever dog.

Thanks to Maggie and Dogs Aid for Suzy.”

Glenda Hayde



“Meet Kim and Jess. Jess was adopted from Ashtown pound in March of this year. Her owner had surrendered her and, under pound rules, she was to be put down immediately. The kind vet at the pound knew that we were on the lookout for a German Shepherd and called us. As soon as we saw her we knew that Jess was the dog for us.

Shortly afterwards we saw a picture of Kim on the Dogs Aid website. We hoped that she would be a good companion for Jess. How right we were. They are like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. They go everywhere together and lead each other into all sorts of mischief. They are a pair of lovable rogues. They are very bright and have already learned how to sit and shake hands, not to mention giving big, sloppy kisses on demand!

These two give so much love and affection that we cannot understand how their previous owners let them go. Giving an abandonded dog a second chance is hugely rewarding and we would urge anyone who is thinking of getting a dog to go down this route. We can’t thank Maggie and Dogs Aid enough for our adorable Kim.”

Deirdre Roche



Walter was surrendered to us, and due to the fact he refused to be house trained he was returned to us when re-homed. Due to his age he is in the Forever Dogs. Walter is best known for his jumpers, he has no hair on his back and chest so wears jumpers in the winter and has his own wardrobe to select from!




Bonnie is a Forever Dog due to her age and the fact she has epilepsy. She lives with the other OAPs but plays with the rest of the dogs. Bonnie loves attention but prefers to be 2 inches from your nose while she’s being cuddled.