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Jessy2 Jessy10

Breed Terrier x

Age 1 year old

Sex Female

Size Small – medium

Jessy is a busy busy girl. She’s always on the go and bad weather doesn’t bother her at all so if you’re looking for a companion for outdoor sports – hiking, running – then Jessy would be the girl for you


Breed JRT

Age 1 year old

Sex Female

Size Small

Hatti is a fine-boned terrier. She likes a comfy bed and a warm fire and you’ll be rewarded with a very faithful companion


We have various terrier type pups in the sanctuary at the moment, please give us a ring on 087 2944310 to arrange to come out and see them


Mack1 Mack2 Mack3 Mack5 Mack6 Mack7

Breed Border collie

Age 1 year old

Sex Male

Size Large

Mack is a beautiful boy who can’t wait to get his forever home. He is busy and quick minded and would be a fantastic addition to a household who could give him a job of some sort – dog sports, trick training, hiking etc. Mack has a fantastic nature and gets on well with the other dogs in general, though he gets a bit silly sometimes trying to insist on the other dogs playing with him 🙂 He would be suitable as an only dog or a dog of similar size and energy.



Breed Akita

Age 1 year old

Sex Male

Size Very large

Andy is a youngster who needs to be shown the wide world and given a loving home. He would benefit from all basic obedience training.


Breed Collie x terrier


Sex Female

Size Medium

Coco is a lively girl always looking for someone to play with. She would love a house who could bring her for the walks she needs.


Breed Terrier x

Age 2 years old

Sex Male

Size medium

Jackson is an unusually coloured terrier, we’re not sure exactly what kind of terrier mix he is! He’s loving boy who will make a great companion and can be opinionated as is typical of terriers! He would benefit from someone who understands that some terriers take a mile if you offer them an inch, all while wanting to snuggle with you!



Breed Lurcher

Age 3 months old

Sex Male

Size Will be a tall dog when fully grown

Petey is a typical puppy – wants to know what you’re up to and be a part of it. Petey will need all his basic obedience training.