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Pippa (Star)


March 2011

Just to let you know how ‘Star’ is getting on, we adpoted her on Wednesday 23rd February, she is called ‘Pippa’ now and is a real star. Pippa is full of life and up to all sorts of mischief as the photos show. She is the smartest collie in Waterford, learned her new name in about three days and now ‘sits’ and ‘stays’ [nearly all the time]. She has several toys that she likes to play with but as you can see a toilet roll is much more fun. At present she spends a considerable amount of time trying to round up the fish in the pond which she considers amlost as good as sheep. She has gained a kilo and has grown considerably, we think she will be a full size collie after all. She loves her big garden and is an excellent football player, she has brought great fun and laughter into our lives and we look forward to many happy years together.  Thank you so much for her and for all the amazing work you do with all the dogs.


Baby (Betty Boo)


February 2011

We adopted our dog Baby (Betty Boo)  on Valentines day 2008. She was born on the 29th of December 2007 . She was born in Dublin Ireland and she now lives in Kildare in Ireland .At the time that i’m writing this she is three years old . She had three brothers . She loves her family very much . She has three children to take care of her and they love her to bits , she loves them to . She is a very happy and friendly dog . Some of these pictures are old but some of them are recent . She is a big part of our family and we all love her so much . She loves long walks , playing with her toys and belly rubs . Thank you so much for our dog Baby …





August 2010

A year has passed since we first met the Kaiser and myself. From the very first day it’s been a pleasure to live together. Kaiser is really a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. Minimum of 2 hours a day outdoors has me in a much better condition. Kaiser doing well on a leash and he has become happy and secure. If there any other dog would bark, growl or otherwise act aggressively passing Kaiser just quietly by. Cats, however, prey for him, but we’re working on it. Roe deer and hares are the plenty of around here, even on the lot and it will probably take a while before the Kaiser can pass them with calmly, but that’s the goal.
Home and indoors Kaiser is so sure now that he can go upstairs to bed if he feels like it. The first time he had to be everywhere even on the toilet. Shorter times can he be left alone.
On sunny days spent on the porch in the shade or under a bush in the garden. Wasps and mosquitoes are a nuisance however.
Kaiser has his own picnic grove on the property and an even larger enclosure in the countryside. I would also like to think that we helped
that our community has actually built an exercise yard for dogs. Something that did not exist before.
I’m sending a few pictures of the Kaiser and his friends Bamse
Many warm greetings from the Kaiser





Sept 2010


Please look at our big boy. He is almost as big as the collie and is still a very cute puppy. He tears up the house and we have already relocated a sofa to the dump … 🙂 But thats not a problem, our house is made for living in, not admiring.

We are almost sure that hes a mix between greyhound and bordercollie, hes intelligent and a fast learner but does everything when he wants to. And he have the most adorable frekkels on his nose

He loves our walks in the swedish forrest and every elk, squirrel and wild bor he sees is a big adventure.
Thank you for saving his life and sending him to us in Sweden!
VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110 VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

Toby (Tyson)


Sept 2010

I would just like to thank you all so much for letting me bring Toby (aka Tyson) into my life! The whole family is very much in love with him and even though he has only been with us for 3 and a half weeks it feels like he’s always been here. He is the most easy-going dog I’ve ever met and is simply a joy to be around. As you can see from the photos he is always up for a game of fetch (we’re still working on perfecting the retrieve part) and we’re happly to oblige. He loves going for his walks and had his first trip to the beach in Connemara this past weekend and had an absolute ball.

Toby 324 Toby 336 Toby 349 Toby 547



Sept 2011


Dizzy is with us now and she was afraid at the airport but now she is more calm but still alittle bit nervous and curious. But it seems like she is getting along very well here in our home. And we love her alot already. She loves to sit on the sofa with her Mum and watch TV. We will be going to our country house this weekend so she will have a nice walk in the forest. Overall she feels so secure in our home now and enjoys her dog bed

DizzySweden DizzySweden2 DizzySweden3



Sept 2011

Well it’s nearly 2 months since we brought Allie home and I thought you might like to see how she is doing. She has settled in really well and after a bit of work walks great to heal on and off the lead. When she’s not snoozing she loves to go to the beach wher she and I discovered she loves to dive the waves, fish for seaweed and chase the stick into the water (I’m working on her bringing it back) She loves her walks every evening and hiking at the weekend. She’s very sociable with other dogs and loves to play with them all big or small as you can see in the pics. In a few weeks she starts agility classes, mainly so she gets to meet and play with lots of other dogs so I’ll let you know how she gets on. Thanks to everyone at Dogs Aid for all your hard work and for giving us the pleasure of having Allie as part of our family.

Beach Pose Cousins September Morn Snooze