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Bucket Collector

rottweiler chihuahua and food bowl

We’ve been lucky to be granted a licence to do bucket collections on Grafton Street.

Would you like to help but can’t volunteer at the sanctuary? Why not become one of our regular bucket collectors?

If you think you could regularily collect on Grafton Street or if you would like further information contact Marti at

Legacy Gift

Why not include Dogs Aid in your will and give a gift that lasts beyond a lifetime. Our work will continue as long as there are animals who need our help so if you would like to continue helping us talk to your solicitor about including us in your will.

Set up a monthly donation

Why not help us out on a regular basis by setting up a monthly Paypal order? Dogs Aid depends on regular donations in order to pay the large bills that are unfortunately necessary to care for 60 dogs. These bills include dog food, vet bills, power bills, etc.

Download a Standing Order Form here, fill it in and hand it into your bank.  It’s as east as that!

Donating items

If you were able to give a donation we would really appreciate it

We are always looking for the following items:

  • Collars
  • Leads
  • Blankets
  • Dog toys
  • Money!


Unfortunately we cannot accept:

  • Duvets, pillows or sleeping bags (the dogs shred them and eat the stuffing!)

Dublin Bus Tickets

If you use the bus and don’t redeem the change on your ticket you could help us by sending them into us. We can get much needed revenue from all those 20c’s, they all add up. Please send any tickets to:
Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary,
Co Dublin.