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We have an 18 month collie cross (Cody) that we would like to get rehomed. We got him two weeks ago from a home where he wasn’t trained and we think he was kept in the back garden. His sister also lived there but I think she lived indoors. He is nervous around other dogs.
About a week ago he growled at our 6 year old son, although most of the time he’s fine and licks him. We are starting to train him but only really responds to me. I’m at work during the day so we would like to have him rehomed. He is very affectionate and loves cuddles and belly rubs etc but perhaps he is not be suitable for a family with small children. We think he just needs training but I can’t do it as I’m at work and he doesn’t respond as well to my wife as me. We have started his vaccinations.
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Ivy is 18 months old and is being rehomed through no fault of her own.

She is fully vaccinated, neutered and is a bundle of energy. She would suit a household who can give her the exercise she needs

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Bonnie & Ollie

Bonnie (jug) and Ollie (puggle) are 2.5 years old. They have all their vaccinations, chips, flea prevention. They are amazing dogs but are best suited in a home with no children.

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Beau is a border collie cross, he is very playful and is looking for a home who can focus his energy. He is not suitable for a home with small children due to his excitable nature.

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Sparkie is a 4 year old male beagle. Our situation competently changed over last year, and we are struggling to give him attention he needs. We would love to see Sparkie go to the country where he would have lots of space and to a good home. He is a great friendly dog, but he need plenty of exercise a strong owner with lots of experience

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maya3 maya5

Maya is a much loved pet who’s owners rescued her at 6 weeks old from a building site in Azerbaijan. Maya came back to Ireland with her family this year. Maya is very cuddly, gets on well with other dogs and is fully housetrained, she is neutered, microchipped and passported. Her owners are unsure of what kind of a dog Maya is but she’s like a mix between a beagle and a boxer but she was born without a tail.
Maya can be a bit unsure of loud noises and unexpected things so when a baby arrived Maya’s environment became very challenging for her and despite efforts at getting her used to the baby she is not getting any more comfortable.

Maya’s owners are heartbroken making the decision to rehome her as it was not a situation they ever imagined finding themselves in, but unfortunately it is the best option for both Maya and the new baby. Maya is looking for a home with no children and new owners who can appreciate this exotic beauty.

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Posted 30/03/2016

I found a stray male dog in a very bad way back in January, myself and a couple of neighbours having animals ourselves decided to help this poor dog unable to walk, riddled with his own feces and urine matted to his skin and under it all riddled with mange well. I took this dog in to help him as the pound said they did not have the funds to make him better so I paid for vet treatment over last few months myself. After months of treatment I have finally got him fit and well, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, I have 5 dogs myself and 4 horses and really cannot have any more dogs.

Milou is between 6 and 8 year old male neutered sheep collie type dog he is very good with my 5 bitches which are all ages and breeds from terrier to newfoundland, he does bark at the horses so I have had him on a long lead when walking him. He is house trained and very good in the house and can be left on his own for several hours during the day. Milou has a very placid personality, happy to lie on the couch cuddled up to you and go for a walk around the fields, not destructive,  seems well trained sits and goes and lies down on command.

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Posted: 29th March 2016

Meet Dexter, he is 3 years old cocker spaniel. Very playful and full of energy, very friendly. He loves taking walks, loves attention.

He is not neutered or vaccinated. He is microchipped. He does get on well with other dogs as far as I’ve seen. I don’t know what he is like around children since he hasn’t been around any.

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