Louie is a fantastic dog and has a great temperament. He is very lovely, sweet and clever. From our experience he is quite friendly around other dogs and with people. Louis is only being rehomed because the other dog in the house will not take to him.

He loves his walks, but can pull quite strongly and is easily distracted by other dogs, cats, smells, etc. We have recently met with a trainerĀ (Paul from In the Name of Dog) and are actively working to address this.

In the house, he is generally calm and settled. He can also be affectionate and playful, and likes to come over to play or for pets every so often (though I don’t think he would object to getting pets and cuddles all the time). From our experience, he does not chew on or destroy furniture or anything around the house, even when he is left at home most of the day (which happens twice a week when we’re both in the office). It would be best though if he could go to a home where he isn’t left alone for long periods of time too often. He loves food so we keep these out of sight. He is also house-trained.

Contact Anthony on 087 7197543