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Abby was found 29th December last year, freezing in Ongar Park, Dublin 15. We have reported her to the pounds, gardai, vet and lost dog pages… no success finding the owner.
She is estimated to be around 2 years now, but due to hear sweet face and lovely ears she looks like a forever-puppy . We micro-chipped and spayed her earlier this year and gave all vaccinations (Hillcrest Vet, Clonsilla).

She was loved and well taken care of. She is house trained and lead trained, and is very well socialized with other dogs, running free in the park and playing. She is very good with children (when it is too much of activity for her, she simply retires), he is very laid back indoor. Loves being close, but also keeps our rules perfectly (she is not allowed upstairs in bedrooms). She has adapted well to our rhythm and activities. She is good in car and she does not bark at all (just signalling when postman or strangers approach the door). Due to her short hair, she doesn’t need special care or high maintenance.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to families with kids, as well as to single or senior households as she is truly a great partner for all.
At the moment she is used to having a little back garden, where she likes sunbathing when we are not in the park. It would be great if the next owner would have that too, or – if living in an apartment – can offer enough walks to the park where she has plenty of dog friends already.


Contact Amarilla on 085 77 60 407.