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Max is on the lookout for a new home. He’s 9 years old, healthy, and although he will raise hell when the post man or sales people come to the door, it’s all just a show and he’s real friendly with everyone once they’re inside 🙂 He is great and patient with dog savvy kids. Has never bitten or hurt anyone or anything, and is a very well behaved and trained dog – you will never have to worry about any damage to property, he will sit, lay, give paw, does not pull on a leash and will return to you when called. He has never lived with dogs or cats, so he has to be an only pet. He has never lived outdoors and needs a loving indoor home. Loves sleeping most of the day when the owners are away, loves his walks, but is not a very active dog, he’s never happier than just sleeping on a couch next to you

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