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Posted 30/03/2016

I found a stray male dog in a very bad way back in January, myself and a couple of neighbours having animals ourselves decided to help this poor dog unable to walk, riddled with his own feces and urine matted to his skin and under it all riddled with mange well. I took this dog in to help him as the pound said they did not have the funds to make him better so I paid for vet treatment over last few months myself. After months of treatment I have finally got him fit and well, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, I have 5 dogs myself and 4 horses and really cannot have any more dogs.

Milou is between 6 and 8 year old male neutered sheep collie type dog he is very good with my 5 bitches which are all ages and breeds from terrier to newfoundland, he does bark at the horses so I have had him on a long lead when walking him. He is house trained and very good in the house and can be left on his own for several hours during the day. Milou has a very placid personality, happy to lie on the couch cuddled up to you and go for a walk around the fields, not destructive,  seems well trained sits and goes and lies down on command.

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