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Ted is a former stray dog who is looking for a new home. He’s around 6 years we would say but breedwise, we’re really not sure. He’s now neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He doesn’t seem to have been cared for when younger. He was badly socialized and had a deformity that was never treated. His two front legs are slightly twisted now but it doesn’t cause any major mobility issues. It’s something that would need to be watched as he ages though. He’s great with new people and an ideal house dog, non-destructive and very very cuddly. But he’s very reactive with unknown dogs. My sister’s done a massive amount of work with him and been able to socialize him with family and friends dogs but on walks we keep him muzzled for safety and he is strong for his size, so would need someone able-bodied to walk him. He’d be best suited to a home without other pets or young children and with an enclosed garden. Someone willing to put work into continuing training and socializing him would be ideal. He’s been doing really well with that and it would be a shame to lose that progress.

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