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Charlie is about 13 years old and was moved into the Forever Dogs section due to his age. Having said that his age doesn’t stop Charlie putting the younger dogs in their place or having a good snore in his favourite bed!


Bonnie was surrendered at the age of 16 and due to her age we decided to make her a forever dog. She’s a very quiet girl who has just settled into sanctuary life like she was always here.

Bruno Brown

Bruno is a very affectionate boy but a little bit of an odd bod. He obviously never had anything of his own so now he likes to make sure his possessions stay with him all the time.


Rex is a very sweet natured mature gentleman. He loves to snuggled up beside the volunteers and is always trying to work out ways of sneaking onto the table without being seen! Rex is definitely a people person – he ignores the other dogs for the most part to concentrate his charm on people.


Bosco Boo
He is a gorgeous bundle of energy and has a vibrant personality. He is very clever and loves living in the sanctuary where he tries to be the boss (and succeeds :)) Bosco loves to be on the table giving out free sloppy kisses. No cup of tea is safe when he is around…. he will do his best to fit his entire head into your mug.


Blanket is another cat who came with us from Harristown Lane, For the first two years Blanket rolled inside a blanket and only came out for food, we thought she had agriphobia but when we moved to our new cattery she started coming out more and is now out all the time, She likes to stand up and look through the glass of the oldies room and look at the younger cats in the main cattery, She is a sweet gentle old lady.

blanket blanket2